Teaching Democratic Ideals and Practices

Practicing Democracy: A Toolkit for Educating Civic Professionals

Practicing Democracy: A Toolkit for Educating Civic Professionals, published by AAC&U and Campus Compact, offers practical approaches and strategies for developing students’ capacity to engage in collaborative, public problem solving. It provides tools for the students to learn to facilitate inclusive and participatory processes that make a difference. The lessons in the online, user-friendly guide are designed to educate publicly engaged leaders, or civic professionals.

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Teaching Democratic Ideals to Public Affairs Students

Contemporary public policy challenges are increasingly called “wicked problems,” or problems that cannot be solved by one sector or one agency of government alone. Solutions to wicked problems often further require the recognition and acceptance of tradeoffs or drawbacks, which might include a cost or sacrifice for the whole of society or a subsection of society. Based on the premise that government of, by, and for the people is not sufficient to rise to and meet wicked public policy problems, this volume provides strategies and ideas for public administration educators across diverse environments, as well as undergraduate and graduate education, to include and integrate the principles of "with the people" in public administration education and practice.

This book explores the ways that notions of governing with citizens can be integrated into courses that focus on public administration and policy. It invites instructors to think about what it means to be educators within higher education institutions in a democratic society, championing deliberation and engagement as a way to prepare students for professional roles in their communities. Each chapter is written by a contributor who has road-tested the inclusion of democratic ideals and principles in their own classrooms, and each chapter therefore provides blueprints, curriculum plans, and lesson plans for the integration of democratic principles in public administration education and practice. Teaching Democratic Ideals to Public Affairs Students is essential reading for faculty in public administration, public policy, and political science departments, and it will also be a useful guidebook for practicing public administrators, as well as those who provide training to practicing administrators and leaders.

Available June 2023.